Home Remedies For Mole Removal

Many people find moles to be bothersome and unsightly. However it is possible to remove moles without the need for surgery. There are many ways and home remedies for mole removal. Home remedies become a common way to remove moles, especially for people who cannot afford the cost of surgery and medication. If you are wishing to get rid of your skin moles and you are looking for the best way of treating and removing it without spending a small fortune then ask your dermatologists for the best medications that you can apply at home.
It doesn't mean that you don't care for your skin just because you choose to opt for home mole removal; the point of opting for home remedies for mole removal is that some surgeries are not necessary and some medications are enough to remove unwanted moles.
Anyone at anytime can perform the process of mole removal at home because some of the products are easy to apply and yield very fast results. Products vary with some requiring only one time application and others requiring daily application.
Here are some of the home remedies for mole removal:
* Use ground flaxseed and mix with flaxseed oil and small amount of pure honey. Apply it everyday on your mole. After a few weeks the mole will fade.
* Apply pure honey to the mole every morning for a couple of weeks to fade out the mole.
* Use fresh crushed garlic; put it directly everyday on the mole and cover it with a bandage.
* Apply a mixture of powdered dried and roasted pomegranate and a juice of lemon onto the mole for few days and you will notice that the mole fades away.

* Rub a small cut of fresh pineapple onto the mole several times a day for a few weeks and the offending mole will eventually fade away.
* Apply a fresh fig several times onto the mole each day.
* Put a small drop of grapefruit on a clean cloth or cotton and cover the mole with it using a bandage. Change the cloth and bandage every five hours.
* Apply drops of cauliflower juice onto the mole several times a day for a few weeks.
There are also different kinds of medicinal ointments that dermatologists recommend for mole removal. The cost may not be as expensive as the cost of mole removal surgery. Anytime that you are wishing to remove a mole you should avoid exposure to the sun to prevent the mole from getting irritated. Moles are not generally dangerous, but in some instances, there are moles that can turn into melanomas, which are cancerous and need immediate removal.
Home Remedies For Mole Removal

Moles can be an enhancement to your own unique appearance like many well-known celebrities. On the other hand, it can also be a threat to your health because some moles are not beneficial to the skin. If you think that your mole changes in color and shape, consult a professional dermatologist and seek medical assistance as early as possible. You can choose clinical methods or home remedies for mole removal according to your own personal needs.
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